About Us

Since 1996, LeChris has been a leader in behavioral and mental health care.

We are constantly striving to meet the needs of a changing society, and the foundations of our programs have been formed through more than twenty-five years of experience.

As a CARF-accredited and CABHA provider, LeChris has proven that we care about delivering the highest quality services to our consumers and that we have committed to continually improving our services.

Promoting positive outcomes and independence in the individuals that we serve


Our programs are based on the needs of our consumers and their families. We have the experience, knowledge and personal commitment to create services that are respectful, empowering, and effective.

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Currently serving multiple locations in Eastern NC, USA. We have locations in Rocky Mount, Greenville, New Bern, Wilson, and Morehead City. Please reach out to learn how we can help you.

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If you believe that every individual with special needs deserves support and the opportunity to live a rich and rewarding life, we would welcome you as part of our team.

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