Le'Chris provides Diagnostic/Clinical Assessments; Individual, Family and Group Therapy; and, Psychological Testing services in most of our offices.  Medication Management is provided through the Morehead City office.

A clinical or diagnostic assessment is a thorough screening of an individual's mental health, substance abuse or developmental disability history.  This assessment is completed by one, and sometimes two, licensed therapists and usually takes about two hours to complete.  The following information is gathered:

  • Symptoms and current stressors
  • Past and current mental health and medication treatment
  • Client's family background and current family situation
  • Current living situation
  • General health history
  • Trauma history
  • Educational and vocational history
  • Current functioning
  • Strengths and problems

After gathering this information, and perhaps gathering information from other providers, the clinician can diagnose whether or not the client has a mental health or substance abuse disorder (for example, Depression or Bipolar Disorder).  Additional testing is required prior to giving a diagnosis of a developmental disorder.  The therapist will also recommend a course of treatment during this assessment and will review their findings with the individual.

The goals of therapy may be:

  • To learn about causes for behaviors and symptoms so the client can better understand it

  • To learn how to identify and change behaviors or thoughts that adversely affect the client's life

  • To explore relationships and experiences and try to develop healthier responses in those relationships

  • To find better ways to cope with anxiety, frustration, anger, depression, etc.

  • To learn problem-solving techniques

  • To learn crisis-coping techniques

Clients typically see their therapist 2-4 months and focus on alleviating symptoms which interfere with the client being able to feel happy and fulfilled with their life.

Clinical services are especially indicated for persons just being discharged from inpatient psychiatric care as well as those experiencing difficulties with life due to past trauma or crisis/life stressors such as abuse, sexual abuse, death or abandonment.

In individual therapy, the client has a schedule face-to-face visit with a supportive therapist.  The therapist builds on the client's strengths to help them learn how to cope differently and better with life's challenges, how to deal with past traumas and how to increase the quality of their day-to-day life.

In family therapy, the therapist may bring in different members of the client's immediate family in order to enhance communication and family life skills.

In group therapy, these same issues may be addressed but will be done with other recipients who are facing the same challenges.

Some of our offices have therapists trained especially to deal with younger children and may use play therapy, art therapy or other interactive approaches in working with children.

Occasionally, the therapist may use special tests to measure current function.  For example, they may use a standard test to measure how depressed someone is or another test to measure IQ.  This additional testing is called Psychological Testing.

One of the primary methods of treatment of mental illness is medication management.  Mental illness is often a biological disease.  A diagnosis of ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and some others have specific causes related to brain functioning.  For this reason, medication is often prescribed.

Great strides have been made in recent years to develop medications that are effective in alleviating symptoms without the serious side effects of years past.

Le'Chris employs two physicians and one physician's assistant who all prescribe medications following FDS and other best-practice guidelines.  Medications cannot cure a mental illness but go a long way in improving the quality of life for those with a mental health diagnosis.

Prior to prescribing medications, our physicians will conduct a thorough clinical assessment in order to determine an accurate diagnosis.  They will then develop a medication regimen and will follow up with the client during routine office visits to determine if the medications are effective or if adjustments to dosages or types are required.

Our physicians also educate the client on their illness and on their medications and often make referrals to other supportive services that might be of help to them.

Our clients are encouraged to be active participants in their medical treatment.  We encourage them to ask questions about their medication regimen and to honestly appraise their doctor about the effectiveness of their medicines.

For more information on any of our outpatient services, please call one of the following offices:

Greenville, NC 252-353-8452 Frankie Neal
Morehead City, NC 252-726-9006 Linda McDonald
Rocky Mount, NC 252-443-0480 Martin Johnson

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